Our Coaches


Paul Sanneman

Paul Sanneman is the founder of Dream Business Coaching. He has founded several business coaching companies in the past 30 years and coached more than 400 companies. Dream Business coaching is the product of this experience and his most profound inspiration.

Paul has dedicated his life to coaching and believes it is one of the most important relationships for a business owner. His passion for helping clients to make more money in less time and have more FUN, makes him one of the leading business consultants in the country.

He has co-founded several businesses including GreenLivingIdeas.com, Pacific Mortgage Consultants, Companity.com and realtimepublishing.com. In each case he has either retained equity or sold the business for a profit. He is also cofounder of the popular worldwide business podcast BusinessSuccessTips.com.

Paul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Education. He studied metaphysics as a post graduate and has created and attended numerous seminars in personal growth and business success over the years.

Jacob Roig

Jacob Roig
Dream Business Coach

Jacob Roig brings a sincere, dedicated, and experienced approach that gets viable results for all of his business coaching clients. He is a conduit for change and the realization that we are living life when we dream, plan and take action. Jacob’s achievements include:

-Transforming a basement business to a million dollar sales company in 18 months-Guiding businesses to double digit growth of their sales through direct, focused marketing for over 12 years with former baby bell companies.-Worked personally and has advanced training with Dr. John Gray (Famous author of “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus”) for over 5 years-Team building, training, implementation and consulting.-Speaking, workshops and sales training.-Presidents Achievement Award 2000.Jacob has 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial sales and marketing expertise for small to medium sized businesses. Jacob is dedicated to helping his clients see results, see their confidence increase and guiding them in realizing, through actions and results that dreams are within reach.

Jacob is happily married for over 17 years and has two beautiful productive daughters. He lives in Northern California.


Ed Earl
Dream Business Coach

Ed Earl combines over 25 years of experience in construction along with an MBA degree from Stanford University to provide exceptional business coaching to contractors and others in the construction industry. Ed runs a Construction Project Management firm in San Diego providing Owners Representation services for homeowners on a wide range of projects, from coastal remodels to a 27,000sf estate home which took 5 years and $25M to build.

Ed has worked with a wide range of contractors on these projects and has learned what makes a contractor effective and successful. Ed utilizes a Cloud-based construction project management system, along with proven communication and coordination techniques that enable him to manage his projects effectively and efficiently. Ed shares all of this experience and expertise with his construction coaching clients to make their businesses more profitable and more enjoyable.

Ed has developed a unique approach he terms ‘Collaborative Construction’ which enables contractors to develop lasting relationships with architects and clients, thus avoiding having to settle for competitive bid jobs. Ed has developed effective techniques and systems to implement this approach which he shares with his coaching clients. Ed has made several presentations on Collaborative Construction and has incorporated this approach on a wide variety of his projects including a straw-bale nunnery residence at a Buddhist monastery to a safari camp rebuild project in Botswana.