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Ten Factors for Job Satisfaction

by Joyce Lillis, Dream Business Coach

If you are a boss or manager, the following list can help you create a work environment and company in which employees remain loyal, want to stay, and do their best work.

If you are an employee, this list can help you identify what is working or not working in your current work situation. It could help you give constructive feedback to your boss or manager if you feel comfortable doing so. Or it might help you identify and find a more ideal position in the future.

1. Work is personally satisfying

2. Contributions to the team are appreciated

3. Company has high ethical standards

4. Colleagues do job with integrity and professionalism

5. Company research mission is logical and practical

6. Employees are included in decision-making that affects them

7. Improvements in capabilities/performance are recognized

8. Company offers adequate healthcare benefits

9. Company is concerned about maintaining morale

10. Company fosters spirit of teamwork

As you may know, knowing what you want to create is critical to getting what you want. Use this list to create a successful work environment for your company .

Rate your company on a scale of 1-10 for each factor. Where is your company succeeding and where can it improve?

4 Characteristics of Successful Sales People

by Joyce Lillis, Dream Business Coach

  • Desire – illustrates passion for success
  • Commitment – shows the level of unconditional commitment toward achieving success
  • Outlook – reflects overall attitude and includes factors like self-esteem and happiness
  • Responsibility – shows the degree of responsibility taken for results rather than using excuses for lack of success

1. Desire – Assessing the selling skills of your sales people provides strong indications of their desire to be successful in their current role and environment.  When a salesperson lacks strong desire, their incentive to do anything difficult is not very compelling and they will often take the easy way out.

2. Commitment – Strong commitment is one’s willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.  The commitment level of each sales person needs to be rated through an assessment process; sales production history, pipeline review and evaluation of their selling skills assessment.  Commitment problems are the result of a couple of factors; a poor work ethic; complacency among veteran salespeople, people who are misplaced in sales, lack of desire, people who don’t enjoy selling; and people who don’t have a goals management plan.

If people have a strong desire but lack commitment they aren’t as serious about their success in sales as they need to be.  A strong commitment is essential for supporting most of the other elements.  When commitment isn’t strong, there is often little incentive to change, which means that sales people with lack of commitment sometimes have limited potential for growth when either Desire and/or Outlook are also weak.

3. Outlook – Outlook encompasses attitude abut the company, job career and self.  When Outlook is not as strong as it could be it can affect desire and commitment, causing excuse making for lack of results.

Sales people that do not have a positive outlook about their prospects success indicates they have low self-esteem, has a need for approval, are non-confrontational and have difficulty asking questions.  They often fear rejection and will accept a tremendous number of excuses and objections from their prospects.  Often sales people that have this type of outlook have a very full pipeline.  Often not much of anything ever leaves the pipeline.  Proposals aren’t closed and opportunities aren’t qualified.  This is one of the most difficult weaknesses to overcome because it is deeply ingrained within the person.  To address this there is a need for training, coaching, and affirmations.

4. Responsibility – Sales people that do not take responsibility will always offer excuses and if the excuses are not recognized, failure will occur.  Sales people who make excuses will seldom improve as they fail to see the part they played in their most recent sales failure.

Thriving in a Down Economy

by Coach Elena Pezzini

The economy is an extension of yourself. For example, if you have a negative view of what’s happening, work, money, politics, then your economy is negative. If you enjoy what you are doing, who you are and believe your economy is good, then your economy is enjoyable and good. If you are happy, your economy is happy also because it reflects and extends you.

Can you relate? How’s that true for you? Think about it now.

Everyone talks about the economy nowadays.

What’s the economy? The dictionary definition of economy is….(drum rolls please):


Therefore, you are managing your economy or is your economy managing you? Are you in charge of your economy or are you letting someone or something else be in charge? I am encouraging you to take charge of your life.

How do you start? It’s simple. It all starts …from inside of you! It all starts from your mind or thoughts that lead to your feelings and actions.

What’s the 1st Synonym of economy, according to the dictionary?


What’s a recession?

What’s scarcity? Scarcity is a state of mind. Repeat it now. Why? Because physics has demonstrated that the Universe is infinite, abundant…so how can it be scarce? We made it scarce with our thoughts, feelings and actions! But it doesn’t have to be that way; we can change it! It has been done many times before, so why can’t you?

This is why I think a economical recession once in a while is excellent. It is excellent because it makes us and you practice abstinence, so we don’t over do it, such as continue to over spend, over eat, over this, over that, etc.

Recession means downsizing, getting rid of what useless, so that we can create new space to fill it with something more meaningful, more important. It means reducing, such as reducing debt owed.

Antonyms of recession are:

Spending, liberality, increase, so the recession is the perfect time to spend more quality time doing what you love, free/liberate yourself from what/who doesn’t serve, and increase your offering of what you have to offer, what you know and do best. Do you see how the recession is great???

Can you already think of some ways of how the recession is good for you?

Your income is directly proportional to the value you bring to the market place!

Your income is the average income of the 5-10 people you hang with the most!

SO this recession time is your time to increase your value to others and/or other things, so that you can increase your income!

Recession means something got receded, contracted. So how to defeat a recession? Expand! Don’t stay closed but open up!

Look at your own Financial GDP history, from when you were born until now. Change every pattern you don’t like. This is your time, this is your opportunity!

Recession is a normal part of life. A recession always passes.
It may take a long time. Research different point of views, think critically and creatively, adopt for a moment a new perspective and see how your life changes immediately.

Take a trip abroad and notice how Europeans, like me, for example, have a culture of saving, of not utilizing credit cards. I didn’t even know what a credit card was until I moved here to the States, at age 20. European institutions still rarely issue credit cards.

Where can recession escalate to?


What’s a depression?

Again, the def. of depression is: a mental state. This applies to economical depression as well. People perceive, anticipate fear, which exists only in their mind, and start acting economically depressed and everyone and everything gets affected because we all are part of another one or another thing. It’s a fact: it’s quantum physics!

A depression, according to the dictionary, is a period during which business, employment, and stock-market values decline severely or remain at a very low level of activity. SO what shall we do instead? HEIGHTEN ACTIVITY

It–meaning our recession– doesn’t have to infect you, unless you let it. Everything has no meaning except the meaning you give it to; nothing has value except the value you give it to. Nothing is recessed, depressed unless you make it that way.

So, pretend for a moment, now it’s an upturn, it is a bull market and start attracting whomever and whatever you like.

You are not responsible for everyone else, and everything else and the whole entire world, but just yourself.

If you haven’t yet, start saving and learn the power of compounding, the only way to become and stay wealthy, by investing with compound interest.

Stop reading now and decide which 1 action you are going to take in a moment!   What is it?

When will you start doing it?

Money/wealth is psychology based, like anything else that is created by humans and their minds, in this world. You are in control of your mind and you can change it at any time you say so!

by Coach Elena Pezzini

The 7 Building Blocks of a Healthy Business

by Janice Drescher, Dream Business Coach

Life Vision

Establishes the owner’s connection to himself and what’s important to him/her

Business Vision

Creates a clear picture of where the business is headed and what it’s all about

Organizational Structure

Defines the functions of the business.  It is the framework needed to fulfill the business vision.

Position Descriptions

Clarify roles, responsibilities and hiring needs.  A tool that helps establish accountability.

Systems Development

Documents best ways of operating day-to-day for consistency and a high operating standard

Management System

Establishes accountability, respect and trust in an environment of shared expectations and predictable results

When you look at your business through this rubric of 7 Building Blocks it makes it easier to see what you have in place now and what you need to add. Focus on these one at a time and you’ll experience your business getting easier to manage. Contact Paul at Dream Business Coaching at 1-415-599-9006.

How to Know if Your Business is Healthy

by Janice Drescher, Dream Business Coach

A healthy business is one that gives the owner(s) the value they want from it while providing a needed product or service, a good work environment and the desired quality of life and freedom.

Can your business operate well without you being there to hold it together?

Are you driving the business where you want it to go instead of being driven by the business?

Is the business separate from you? Does it have an identity of its own, apart from you?

A healthy business can reflect your values and high standards, but does not have to depend on you.

A healthy business needs a strong foundation. To get the value you want from your business, you have to know what you want from it in the first place. Then you have to do what it takes to make that happen in a way that sets you apart from your competition.

It starts with the basic building blocks. When all the necessary building blocks are in place, they become the strong foundation for a business that is poised for healthy day-to-day operation and growth. Without them, things often just don’t work as well as they could. And if they do go well, it seems that the people dedicated to making it happen pay a high price in the form of frustration, disappointment or overwhelm.

The building blocks establish ways to treat people well and honor their efforts while getting the good results everyone is there to get. That’s a win/win! Too much life is spent in the workplace to accept anything less!

Intrigued? Want to know how to create a business that can stand on it’s own apart from you? The next blog entry lists what those building blocks are!