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Our mission is to provide full-cycle consulting services which encompass everything from creating a marketing piece job advertisement, to collecting an ongoing pool of qualified candidates for every position in your company. As part of this service, we provide unlimited pre-hire testing and unlimited access to our recruiting and hiring consulting services on an as-needed basis.

We accomplish these goals by implementing the following procedures: 

Procedure 1: The Marketing Push

  1. Create a job description for every position in your company. Aid in optimizing all job descriptions for effectiveness in identifying target candidates.
  2. Turn any previously created job descriptions into advertisements that will effectively attract the largest and best possibly qualified candidates.
  3. Post and promote your job ads on a dozen or so free job board aggregators for ongoing collection of resumes and talent pool growth.
  4. If you have an advertising budget, we’ll use that to effectively increase the flow of candidates. We’ll post and manage your job ad’s through paid channels such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Craigslist, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder.
  5. Create a search engine optimized and candidate-friendly Careers Page for your website.

Sample Job Descriptions

Procedure 2: Candidate Pipeline Management

  1. Screen incoming candidates for job fit on a daily/weekly basis to create a short list of more qualified candidates and save your team the time of sorting through hundreds of applicants.
  2. Provide regular updates and weekly lists containing hot candidates to reach out to with all contact and resume info readily available.

Procedure 3: Pre-Hire Testing Program

  1. Unlimited access to our predictive pre-hire testing tools, which include behavioral, cognitive, EQ and basic skills tests. In addition the battery of tests, we also interview the candidate and their previous employers about their work experience and character to ensure your new hire is a fully-vetted and high quality employee.
  2. We’ll create a unique testing profile for each position in your company to ensure all candidates are screened for the above listed topics.

Procedure 4: Consulting

  1. Unlimited best practice recruitment training and consulting to help you interpret your candidate test results, learn how to optimize your messaging, best practices for managing passive candidate pools, best sourcing techniques for passive candidates, candidate marketing techniques, interviewing strategies for both intermediate and advanced levels, and employee onboarding best practices.

Recruiting Services Sign Up and Pricing

For companies of 1 to 50 employees: $3000.00 per month*
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