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Creating These 7 Key Areas in Your Business Helps You Build Long Term Success

by Janice Drescher, Dream Business Coach

Putting systems in place in all the key areas of your business builds a solid foundation, helping to ensure the predictable results and long-term value that business owners want, deserve and at times, find elusive.

There are 7 key areas:

  1. Marketing and Sales – To set your business apart from the competition and achieve the sales goals for the profitability you want
  2. Internal Operations – To ensure you deliver consistently on your marketing promise by having the systems in place that ensure predictable results
  3. Recruitment – To ensure you find the right person for the job
  4. Financial Systems – To ensure you know where you stand
  5. Organizational Structure – To clarify roles and responsibilities as well as lines of authority, eliminating confusion and duplication of effort
  6. People Management – To develop an environment of trust, respect, accountability and shared expectations
  7. Leadership – To establish leadership in your company that lights the way, energizes, takes action and delivers

Analyze your business according to these  7 key areas and decide if more systems are needed and in which areas. Coaching can help you with your assessment and suggest practical solutions for systems you might need to develop for your business.

It’s having these 7 systems in place that allows your business to operate independently of you, or any one person, and ensures business success and longevity.

Which systems do you have now and which do you need to develop next?