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Ten Factors for Job Satisfaction

by Joyce Lillis, Dream Business Coach

If you are a boss or manager, the following list can help you create a work environment and company in which employees remain loyal, want to stay, and do their best work.

If you are an employee, this list can help you identify what is working or not working in your current work situation. It could help you give constructive feedback to your boss or manager if you feel comfortable doing so. Or it might help you identify and find a more ideal position in the future.

1. Work is personally satisfying

2. Contributions to the team are appreciated

3. Company has high ethical standards

4. Colleagues do job with integrity and professionalism

5. Company research mission is logical and practical

6. Employees are included in decision-making that affects them

7. Improvements in capabilities/performance are recognized

8. Company offers adequate healthcare benefits

9. Company is concerned about maintaining morale

10. Company fosters spirit of teamwork

As you may know, knowing what you want to create is critical to getting what you want. Use this list to create a successful work environment for your company .

Rate your company on a scale of 1-10 for each factor. Where is your company succeeding and where can it improve?