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How to Get Work From Architects Using the Website


By Paul Sanneman- Dream Business Coaching Founder-

The website® has made marketing for the general contractor and subcontractor much easier than it used to be.  I have developed a specific technique for general contractors, and subcontractors, it works very well. In fact, I have used this exact same technique to get as many new clients as I want for my personal consulting business.

Step one: You go to the website and identify those people you would consider as prospects. For a general contractor, you would go to architects. This means you select the category architects, and then choose an area geographically that you’re interested in. For example, select architects within 10 miles of San Francisco. You then look at each architect’s listing and decide the one(s) you would like to work with. Once you have chosen an architect you want to work with, copy the top of their listing, which gives the basics about the company; the name of the owner, their address, and phone number. You then copy and paste this information to a word document and then print it out. This gives you a very basic paper copy of a lead sheet to work with.

Step two: Then you place the all important phone call. The most difficult part about getting in touch with contractors or architects is to actually, physically, get them on the phone. Here is an example of a message you leave to get them to call you back.  Hi, I found you on, I’m interested in what you do, please give me a call back, my name is Paul and my phone # is 123-4567.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY MORE INFORMATION THAN THIS. Use your personal cell phone, so when they call back it will not have your business name on the answering machine.

A lot of the people you call will call you back because, they went through a lot of effort to be listed in, and they also think you are a potential job. The next 10 seconds are crucial. You have to be honest, tell the truth, and get them to be excited they called you back. Your phone script should go something like this. I found you on, I am a general contractor, I’ve been in business for 20 years in the bay area, and I’ve worked with several architects like…. Make a list of people they know, and will be impressed with. State how long you have been in business, and continue to drop the names of references that they know. This should establish instant credibility for you, and will make them want to continue the conversation.

The entire mission of this conversation is to get an appointment. If they ask for more information, you will want to use any information you give as a reason to see them in person. For example, if they say, can you tell me a little bit about more your company? You close again and say, it is much easier to explain in person, that’s why I would like to set an appointment.  Turn any excuse or objection into a reason to meet.   Again the whole mission of this phone call is to get an appointment. This is assuming that you can meet them in person. If you’re trying to get a phone client, or you’re selling on the phone, this is where you give your sales presentation. If they say, I will not talk to you until you send me more information.  Then you send them an email, and then you set up an appointment over the phone to follow up that email.

Don’t forget to keep closing. You may have to close them three or four times. Remember in closing you repeat any objection(s), so they know you heard them, and then you close again for the appointment. The entire purpose of this process is to get an appointment with qualified prospects. I have found that when people hear you found them on they’re not offended when you call them. They went to time and effort to be listed on  It’s like you’re part of the same club, in most cases, they will really like to talk to you. I have one client the told me the best thing that ever happened on, was that I found them. I hope you get the same luck with that I’ve had.  It’s a great tool, it works nationwide, and it’s going to get nothing but better.

Step Three: After calling many, many® prospects you will be left with three categories of responses. They can be receptive, and pick a time and place for an appointment.  They can be disinterested, not call you back and blow off all other attempts to contact them.  They can be unsure, and do not set an appointment, but do give an indication of interest, just not right now.   Now that you have the responses, it’s time to organize the information.   For each category of response you have, place the paper copy lead sheet with the business info in that category.  This is so you do not call the same uninterested lead twice, wasting your time and theirs’.  Also, you do not want to unknowingly call an interested lead twice, give them your same pitch, and look disingenuous.   The maybe responses go in their call back category.  Remember, a little organization will save a lot of time.

4 Characteristics of Successful Sales People

by Joyce Lillis, Dream Business Coach

  • Desire – illustrates passion for success
  • Commitment – shows the level of unconditional commitment toward achieving success
  • Outlook – reflects overall attitude and includes factors like self-esteem and happiness
  • Responsibility – shows the degree of responsibility taken for results rather than using excuses for lack of success

1. Desire – Assessing the selling skills of your sales people provides strong indications of their desire to be successful in their current role and environment.  When a salesperson lacks strong desire, their incentive to do anything difficult is not very compelling and they will often take the easy way out.

2. Commitment – Strong commitment is one’s willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.  The commitment level of each sales person needs to be rated through an assessment process; sales production history, pipeline review and evaluation of their selling skills assessment.  Commitment problems are the result of a couple of factors; a poor work ethic; complacency among veteran salespeople, people who are misplaced in sales, lack of desire, people who don’t enjoy selling; and people who don’t have a goals management plan.

If people have a strong desire but lack commitment they aren’t as serious about their success in sales as they need to be.  A strong commitment is essential for supporting most of the other elements.  When commitment isn’t strong, there is often little incentive to change, which means that sales people with lack of commitment sometimes have limited potential for growth when either Desire and/or Outlook are also weak.

3. Outlook – Outlook encompasses attitude abut the company, job career and self.  When Outlook is not as strong as it could be it can affect desire and commitment, causing excuse making for lack of results.

Sales people that do not have a positive outlook about their prospects success indicates they have low self-esteem, has a need for approval, are non-confrontational and have difficulty asking questions.  They often fear rejection and will accept a tremendous number of excuses and objections from their prospects.  Often sales people that have this type of outlook have a very full pipeline.  Often not much of anything ever leaves the pipeline.  Proposals aren’t closed and opportunities aren’t qualified.  This is one of the most difficult weaknesses to overcome because it is deeply ingrained within the person.  To address this there is a need for training, coaching, and affirmations.

4. Responsibility – Sales people that do not take responsibility will always offer excuses and if the excuses are not recognized, failure will occur.  Sales people who make excuses will seldom improve as they fail to see the part they played in their most recent sales failure.